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Bricks Pretoria – We supply KwikBuild Cement all over Gauteng at affordable prices. We deliver big and small! Contact us today with your cement enquiry.

We supply and deliver the following types of cement:

32.5 | 50kg
42.5 | 50kg

Kwikbuild Cement offers the consumer a variety of products that are suitable for various applications from domestic usage to large building operations and road stabilisation projects. 

Kwikbuild 32,5N is a composite, eco-friendly, quality, cost effective cement for general purpose building applications for the production of concrete, mortars and plaster. 

Kwikbuild 42.5N is a high strength cement that can be used for any application from large building and civil purposes to brick and block making and concrete product applications. It is particularly suited to applications where early strength is desired or where cold winter conditions can be expected. It is also less susceptible to the effects of poor curing