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Bricks Pretoria – We supply all types of sand all over Gauteng at affordable build prices. We have truck load capacities 1000 – 12 000 bricks per load at a time. Always remember: The larger the quantity, the better the prices!

We supply and deliver the following types of NFX Bricks:

Methods of Manufacturing

Clay bricks are formed in a mould (the soft mud method), or more frequently in commercial mass production by extruding clay through a die and then wire-cutting them to the desired size (the stiff mud process). The shaped clay is then dried and fired either by burning in a kiln or sometimes, in warm and sunny countries, by sun-drying to achieve the final, desired strength.

The action of heat gives rise to a sintering process that causes the clay particles to fuse and thus develops extremely strong ceramic bonds in the burnt clay bodies. Such bonds are highly stable. As a result, bricks can withstand the severe weathering actions and are inert to almost all normal chemical attacks.

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