Please read through our terms and conditions. These are set terms and conditions and no leniency will be given.

Due to the nature of the product, breakages will occur during transportation. Please allow for up to 10% non-replaceable breakages.

  • Delivery lead time is between 3-5 working days from payment.
  • All material to be offloaded outside the premises or at the nearest accessible point.
  • If our drivers are requested to enter a premises, SBA Building Supplies PTY Ltd will not accept liability for any damages that might result to property.
  • Offloading area must be level.
  • Delivery addresses must be correctly supplied with the order. If incorrect, and a second attempt at delivery must be made, it will not be executed until payment for the extra trip has been received.
  • No order can be cancelled after delivery, unless incorrect amounts or incorrect product was delivered on our part.
  • Please check the delivery address against ”Delivery Address” with us when placing an order as well as the delivery lead time.
  • Should there not be anyone on site to receive the product, it will be offloaded at the nearest accessible point. No product will be moved if offloaded incorrectly due to there not being someone to receive the product.
  • Delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions.
  • Delivery lead time 3-5 working days on all orders. If an earlier delivery date was provided, we will try our best to keep to it, but unforeseen circumstances may delay the delivery.
  • Weather, Road Blocks, Strikes, Metro, Hot Ovens, Slow Production, Mechanical Faults etc are all reasons that may delay or effect the delivery date. These are circumstances out of our control and be cannot be held liable for any damages caused by delivery delays.
  • No time will be given for any delivery. It is advised not to get any builders/workers for the delivery period until all product/s have been received.
  • No bricks will be moved once bricks have been delivered, by crane or by tipper.
  • Delivery delays due to property / estate restrictions, will be returned and will only be delivered once payment for the re-delivery has been paid in full.
  • Orders taking more than 2 months to complete due to client delays are subject to a price increase if there has been an industry price increase.
  • It is the clients responsibility to inform us OF ANY RESTRICTIONS REGARDING DELIVERIES. Should SBA not be informed and should any delivery be implicated due to any unmentioned restrictions, the client will be held responsible for any extra fees and must be paid in full before re-delivery will be arranged.
  • No complaints regarding the appearance of the clay stock bricks will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • For reasons beyond our control, stock brick colours may vary from order to order. We cannot be held liable for any stock brick colour differences as this is a brick that should be plastered.
  • Stock bricks should be plastered and different color bricks may be delivered due to various reasons. SBA Building Supplies Pty Ltd. will not entertain any complaints regarding colour difference of stock brick loads delivered especially in very large quantity orders.
  • We accept EFT (Electronic Bank Transfer, Cash (in-bank) Deposits, ATM Deposits. NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED
  • Due to security reasons, all payments must reflect on our bank statement to confirm order.
  • Proof of payment must be emailed through to
  • No orders will be processed without proof of payment.
  • No cheques accepted. Banking fees to process cheque payments will be deducted from payments & client will be responsible for the balance payble before goods are delivered.
  • No Lay-Buy’s accepted.
  • No refunds will we given on any order where SBA is not at fault. Funds not used will be allocated as credit to the client.
  • Quantities affect pricing.

Prices subject to change & all products are subject to availability.


Quotations sent to us for price evaluation must meet & state the following criteria:

  • Company Registration Number
  • VAT Number
  • Physical Address
  • Contact Person
  • Banking Details
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